Thursday, June 6, 2013

Frill! Friday

Hello! It's done, Frill is over and done and now the Thursday after I'm finally writing about it. I'm going to take the con one day at a time to fill up more blog posts so I'm not leaving you guys hanging and also to make it so it isn't just one giant dump of photos and text. First on the agenda:
Friday was incidentally my last technical day of school though I didn't actually attend because I exempted my exams. Not knowing that when I booked the flight for us, I did a safe time of 5:50 departure, so in the end I had all day to get everything in order for packing and to get myself ready for traveling! I always believe in traveling in style.
I had rollers in my hair all morning long to make my hair curly for the day.
 Kendall, the friend I attended with, came over about 2:00 and we got all of our stuff ready and waited for Savannah to get home so we could get her stuff in. One we got everything packed we headed off to the airport! We chose one that was about one and a half hours away because it was significantly cheaper so we had to get going pretty fast. I didn't get a picture of my travel outfit or Kendall's unfortunately.
Not a whole lot that's interesting before we got to Atlanta haha.
There were two events planned for Friday night: The fashion walk at 7 and the pool party at 10:00. Since we didn't get in until 7:00 we missed the fashion walk. We needed food and whatnot. We went to this cool place called farm burger and it was very good. If you're ever in Decatur you should totally check it out. They even have vegan options!
So we got dinner and then had to go to a store to get me a bathing suit bottom because mine is gone!  ;-; And that didn't leave us a whole lot of time so we went directly to the hotel after that and to the pool. It was super cool seeing all the adorable bathing suits and girls having fun! A few girls even brought mermaid tails to swim around in!
(Photo taken by Robin Wesson)
 It was so fantastical, a perfect lolita pool party. Kendall, my sister and I, as well as a bunch of others, played with an inflatable ball and tossed it around and it was soooooo fun. It was a great ice breaker for getting to know everyone! The pool was even heated! It was really great.
That night they also had pre-con badge claim for VIP attendees. So we popped over and got our badges and our sweet loot that came with the VIP package. (I'll be making a post at the very end to show all the stuff I got including the items from my swag bag)
After that we headed home to try and snag a few hours of sleep before waking up at an ungodly time to get to the hotel the next day for free VIP con suite breakfast and the early boutique opening.

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