Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Frill! Saturday

Saturday morning I woke hellishly early for a Saturday, wiping the sleep from my eyes at about 6:00 am. I had to get a big head start because I was helping Kendall and Savannah get ready, and we had to be at the hotel by 8:00 to get the VIP breakfast. So I wake up so very very early and try and sneak around as much as I can, do make makeup and hair, get dressed and by about 6:35 Kendall is up. So she takes care of what she can and I help her out.
I poke Savannah awake about 7:15 and she gets ready too. Now, with all this time you'd think we would be fine right? Wrong, we didn't manage to leave till 8:09. Oops. But, we got all we needed to done and we looked great! We went to the hotel and to the fourth flour to the VIP Con suite.

Lo, A room full of food and lolitas! They had tea, cereal, pastries and all kinds of stuff. It was really nice. We had a little less than an hour to visit before we the boutique allowed early VIP access so we had time to visit at this point. Everyone was very nice, but soon the time came to close and feverishly shop!
 There were a ton of brands in the boutique because brands had sent in stuff, but also a lot of people had sent stuff in as a consignment deal. There was BTSSB, AP, Alice Doll, Lily of the Valley, Automatic Honey had sent some stuff which sold out almost immediately, My Dearest Victoria, Baroque, Kinki Kitty, and a ton more. Innocent World was being pushed by Frill as a big deal too, having been sent some new releases to be included in the fashion show and to be sold, however they didn't want to put those on sale till Sunday because they needed to save them for the fashion show!
There was just so much stuff in the boutique and that wasn't the end of it! There were two other areas for vending too. There was a Dealers room where brands could sell their *own* stuff instead of relying on Frill to do it, and then the Artist's Alley. The Dealer's Room was really nice and had a lot more style to it, since the brands could do their own set up and design for their stall. There was even a vendor for men's fashion! That was really cool.
It's been really noticeable this year how much more effort has been put towards catering to the men's side of the con. There was a whole men's track of panels and games and what not, as well as a good bit of male attendance. It was really nice to see how everything was expanding to accommodate everyone!

A Wonderful shot of  I Do Declare in the dealers room
 Really, looking back on it, the main draw of the convention was the shopping. There were dressing rooms which offered us something lolitas don't usually get. The chance to see the piece on instead of hoping it'll work out! And there was so much variety too. Since almost all of it was indie designers instead of big name brands their was a lot more innovation and style that wouldn't be seen normally.
Yours truly certainly spent a good bit too much to be proud of Saturday and came out with some fantastic additions to my closet. Really, I only bought two big pieces, everything else was accessories and whatnot, which is what I really need. I am so awful about buying socks and hair bows and all the stuff that gives real variety to outfits. But I'm slowly remedying it!
After all our hectic shopping which we spent a solid 2 1/2 hours on, we headed over toy what is, since last years introduction, probably my favorite spectator sport of all time -- Tea Dueling! You can read and learn about tea dueling through their Facebook Page. Long story short, I am not a very good competitor. I lost first round. ;-; But my sister is a champ, she was runner up and only lost to the champion last year and this year she made it all the way again! Even more than that though, Kendall competed for the first time ever and won! Totally and completely kicked everyone's butts. Not only that but she got interviewed by a TV show about conventions and is going to be on TV!!
 After tea dueling we wandered around for a bit longer and then we got lunch up at the con suite. They had a pretty nice service with sandwiches and salad and that kind of stuff. There was also some pretty cupcakes, which was a nice surprise. After alllll that we headed back down and went to a couple panels to pass the time and when the time came headed over to the room where lolita speed friending and petticoat persuasion would be.
Lolita speed friending is basically like speed dating but instead of romantic interest it's talking to people to see if you hit it off or anything. You aren't supposed to talk to anyone you already know, and you only have two minutes for each person so you have to go fast!
That was pretty fun, but afterwards was the petticoat persuasion game! I had never played before but it seemed really fun. The goal is to run around and get other lolitas to give you their petticoats, whoever gets the most wins. And guess who won? This girl! I at first was just going around the panel room but then I started running around outside and asking lolitas for theirs. What's even funnier is that as lolitas gave me their petticoats they started running around and asking for me too! It's like a formed an alliance, haha!

I ended up with FOURTEEN petticoats all in all and felt like a totally fluff monster! The other guy had ten. It was really exciting, since I usually don't win things. I got a little bag with some goodies from the vendors for winning. But I'll be showing you those when I do my full haul post at the end.
When that wrapped up it was almost 5:00 and that was the time for the model call, luckily it was in the same room so I didn't have to rush anywhere.
Saturnight is a whole nother can of fish so I'll be making a separate post talking about it. I think I'll be going about it slightly differently. But that was Saturday! And wow was it fun.
Till next post. XOXO

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