Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lolita Transformation!

Hello hello!
Recently I've been displeased by the lack of lolita content on youtube, partially because I just want to watch so much all the time and I've run out but also because there's just not all that much! So I've resolved to help contribute some (also because I like making content). I've made videos in the past but they were a good long while ago and I really just have not wanted to do any because I didn't have editing capabilities. I do now though and boy do I love it! This is my first new video and it's a classic as far as lolita videos go: A Transformation video.
Enjoy. <3

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Off To The Races!

Here in North Florida the changing of the seasons can be indicated by a few things; 1. bipolar leaps in weather (37 low, 79 hi, I'm looking at you) 2. The sudden explosion of Crimson Clover and those tiny little yellow flowers, you know the ones and 3. The Red Hills Horse Trials.
The trials are a prominent event around the area as it leads to international competitions and some years has been a pre-Olympic event. The official site has this to say on the Friday through Sunday event:
"EVENTING is one of the fastest growing equestrian pursuits in the world. Riders of all ages and abilities can compete. Developed from cavalry competitions during the early 1900s, it is the ultimate challenge for horse and rider. It tests their partnership and athletic prowess in three disciplines: the grace and harmony of dressage; the rigors and thrills of cross-country jumping and the power and pageantry of stadium jumping."
"Tallahassee--Florida's capital city--is the site of the Red Hills Horse Trials, an annual United States Eventing Association Area III event. Named for the sloping terrain and rich red earth known as the "red hills" of north Florida and South Georgia, the Horse Trials features a challenging cross-country course newly updated and designed for 2013 by Scotland's Hugh Lochore."

I've been going every year since I was very young, first out of a sense culturing by my parents, then by a affinity for horses and events, and now by tradition, appreciation of riding, and the significance of the event....and maybe some half asleep Derby-esque dream of high society. I feel no regret!

The day that I visit is the day the horses run cross country and it's my favorite event without a doubt. Everything is very fast and interesting and the jumps are really wonderful as well as it being in natural terrain so it's a scenic piece as well. There are shops and food vendors as well, however. One particular hat shop visits every year and I love them. I wore one of their pieces this year, in fact. My outfits are always pretty elaborate for the event;

 I've been dressing up for it for a few years, since I've really been able to, on principle as well as geez, its an excuse to dress up. Who wouldn't take that? But that aside, it's a big event and maybe not Derby levels or anything, but its very prominent so I take pride in dressing appropriate for the height of the occasion, even if everyone else is sporting shorts and t-shirts.

Last year was a big deal for me, I had my picture taken and ended up in the city's newspaper! The photographer had approached me because of what I was wearing (I'll give you two guesses), interested in the fact I was so fancy looking, haha. It was so strange, all my friends and family and friends of family were calling me about it or messaging me on Facebook. It was really surreal for just a picture!

The same thing happened this year, though the picture didn't end up in the newspaper, which I don't mind. But I actually had more people take pictures of me. X_X Plus someone interviewed me, and boy did I screw that up. I forgot all my words which is so weird because I usually have no issue talking to people. Ah well, it happens. It was flattering either way.

If you ever are passing by the North Florida area around march you should definitely look into the event and try to attend. Its an experience for sure.
Till next time!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bringing back the Sunday Drive

Not a challenge prompt today! I know, shocking. But I have something I experienced that I need to share, and that is the Sunday Drive.
For those of you who don't know, the "Sunday drive" is a concept which was particularly popular in 1950's America in which, on a Sunday, you got into your car in some relatively presentable clothes and just drove through town or the country side. sounds kind of silly doesn't it? But last weekend I got a bad itch to move and see things and that is just what I did. Armed with a cardigan, my keys, and my phone only, I hopped into my car and set out into the roads around my father's house.

Assuming you don't make a point to know all the little details of my life (Even if it is fab) let me explain, my father's house is about 10 minutes out from anything resembling a suburb or town and 30 minutes on the interstate away from a respectably sized one. So, long story short, old houses, dirt roads, and trees abound. Everywhere.
I let my dad know I was going on this drive, to which he offered advice on what roads to take. And I should say, I've lived at this house my whole life, part time after age 6 and I knew the area pretty well but not well enough to be acquainted with all the little roads so I was quite open to his suggestions. After learning his directions, I set off, eager to go somewhere or do something other than surf tumblr.
I gotta say guys, I expected it to be pleasant but it was so much more than that. It was so many things I needed to have the time to do. Let me explain;

It was time to spend alone with my thoughts and with a clear head. Driving occupies your hands and enough of your brain to not be bored but little enough for you to still think naturally.
I turned the radio on scan, stopping it wherever I heard something that I thought interesting. It was a time to do things without any pressure or assurance. You just make decisions based on what you feel like.
I didn't have anywhere to be or anywhere to go. It was cathartic for me to be able to decompress and not rush anywhere or have to hurry around. I could go as slow or fast as I felt like without stressing.
I stopped whenever I saw something I was taken with because it was a back road and had little traffic. A few times I actually pulled over to the side of the road to pick flowers or rabbit's tobacco.
It was really just a time for me to breathe and think and move and not worry about the consequences of any of it. It was freedom for a while.

So what to do with this information?
Go on a Sunday drive yourself. Here are some tips:

  • No distractions. If you can leave your phone at home and just take a camera all the better. This is time for you.
  • Don't let guilt get you. If you want to pull over on the side of the road to pick some flowers, damn sure do it! Don't let the idea that you shouldn't or other drivers will think you're weird doing it stop you. What does that matter anyway, you're not breaking any laws.
  • Don't have a return time. If you set a time to be back home then you'll constantly be concerned with getting back by then, detracting from the experience.
  • Have a map or a GPS. This way, you wont be worried about getting lost or having to stay on main roads. Have a fall back on so when you go adventuring it wont matter, because that's an important part of this-- impulse. Follow whatever you feel like, just mind your blinkers.
  • Have a way to document. A camera is good, or a camera phone. Don't get to caught up in recording everything though!
  • Look for dirt roads and countryside. Driving around town is nice, but it can be a bit restricting. Stop lights, traffic, loud noises. Ditch that and find some back roads with trees and maybe some cows if you're feeling really frisky. No stop signs, little traffic. It's great.
  • Dress for the weather. Yes, you're in a car, but don't think you're going to be the entire time. If you find something amazing, get the hell out of the car and investigate! These things are things you shouldn't be missing just because you're "supposed" to be on a drive. This is all about you uninhibited.
  • If you want to scream, or beat a tree with a baseball bat, or do cartwheels, do it! This is your time, and no one is going to get you in trouble for doing what you want to (so long as it isn't private, watched property. Ie. You can get away with smashing a tree in a huge forest type area or the back of a field. Not so much in a suburb....well, if it's not your tree)
That's it. Go forth. Drive

Monday, March 4, 2013

My heart belongs to... {Lolita 52 Challenge}

Hello Hello! Took longer on this post, so sorry. I'm trying to be a better blogger!
Today's prompt is "Your favorite brand" and probably the easiest so far! I have always had a special place in my heart for one brand in particular, no matter how much I love other brands. I'm siding with Momoko on this one; Baby the Stars Shine Bright has my heart.

So, what makes Baby my top pick?
  • BTSSB's creative leanings: Whether it's the old school style or the rococo and extravagant OPs they just seem to know me so well. They have really wonderful design ideas and tend to leave prints to Angelic Pretty most of the time
  • Serious attention to detail: Every piece Baby puts out, almost without fail, has multiple types of lace, careful construction decisions and things you would just never notice without being up close. They pick great materials to start with and end with great designs to tie everything up!
  • Kamikaze Girls: Seems nebulous? Kamikaze Girls was one of the most formative things for me as a Lolita getting into the fashion and is still one of my favorite movies. Fight Club and Kamikaze Girls...heh. And as anyone who has seen Kamikaze Girls can tell you, Baby The Stars Shine Bright is basically 1/3 of the plot! It's eternally tied and in turn I have attachment to it as well.
  • Older style: Being more ornate and less decorated in comparison to AP I find it appealing. I really do love the more monarchical feeling. It's not all Hyper sweet but instead a more verbose sweet. If that makes any sense!
  • Versatility: Maybe Baby is more demure and less kawaii, but that doesn't mean that's all it can be. The last thing I really love about Baby is that their clothes can be as stated but can also be hyper cute, or classic, and possibly, on a full moon, even gothic! So much opportunity is important for me since I have a very low closet turn over and its really something I pay attention to.
  • Sentimental Value: Baby was where I bought my first JSK from, and my first brand piece. I took a trip to San Fran when I was younger during the beginning of my Lolita life and it left an indelible mark for certain.

So in conclusion, Baby has my heart forever and I don't care for a cure.
See you next time!
(All pictures taken from Baby's San Fran Blog)