Monday, March 4, 2013

My heart belongs to... {Lolita 52 Challenge}

Hello Hello! Took longer on this post, so sorry. I'm trying to be a better blogger!
Today's prompt is "Your favorite brand" and probably the easiest so far! I have always had a special place in my heart for one brand in particular, no matter how much I love other brands. I'm siding with Momoko on this one; Baby the Stars Shine Bright has my heart.

So, what makes Baby my top pick?
  • BTSSB's creative leanings: Whether it's the old school style or the rococo and extravagant OPs they just seem to know me so well. They have really wonderful design ideas and tend to leave prints to Angelic Pretty most of the time
  • Serious attention to detail: Every piece Baby puts out, almost without fail, has multiple types of lace, careful construction decisions and things you would just never notice without being up close. They pick great materials to start with and end with great designs to tie everything up!
  • Kamikaze Girls: Seems nebulous? Kamikaze Girls was one of the most formative things for me as a Lolita getting into the fashion and is still one of my favorite movies. Fight Club and Kamikaze Girls...heh. And as anyone who has seen Kamikaze Girls can tell you, Baby The Stars Shine Bright is basically 1/3 of the plot! It's eternally tied and in turn I have attachment to it as well.
  • Older style: Being more ornate and less decorated in comparison to AP I find it appealing. I really do love the more monarchical feeling. It's not all Hyper sweet but instead a more verbose sweet. If that makes any sense!
  • Versatility: Maybe Baby is more demure and less kawaii, but that doesn't mean that's all it can be. The last thing I really love about Baby is that their clothes can be as stated but can also be hyper cute, or classic, and possibly, on a full moon, even gothic! So much opportunity is important for me since I have a very low closet turn over and its really something I pay attention to.
  • Sentimental Value: Baby was where I bought my first JSK from, and my first brand piece. I took a trip to San Fran when I was younger during the beginning of my Lolita life and it left an indelible mark for certain.

So in conclusion, Baby has my heart forever and I don't care for a cure.
See you next time!
(All pictures taken from Baby's San Fran Blog)

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