About the Authorial Lolita


Monochrome Sparkle is written by a lady named Delano; A 17 year old, currently in highschool and an avid lolita of the lifestyle persuasion. A native north Floridian, she started dressing in lolita first in between sixth and seventh grade. After a fateful encounter with a pair of lace topped socks in Forever 21, she took it as a sign that she needed to be a lolita and as soon as she could manage invested in a black alice motif skirt.
It was all down hill from there...
5-6 years later you have an active lolita who regularly participates in lolita events, has made the switch from gothic to sweet, heads her local lolita community, and dresses an upwards of three or four times a week with no sign of stopping.

Delano originally started her first blog Lolita Weekly when she was in eighth grade with varying degrees of respect and success and switched to Monochrome Sparkle a few years later to have more freedom with subject matter and posting.

In her spare time she is an active tumblr user, internet media and culture consumer, is the vice president of her senior class, the vice president of the Gay-Straight Alliance at her school, a poet, a baker, a history/fashion buff, and an academic.

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