Friday, April 20, 2012

What an Odd Dream

About 3 or 4 years ago I took a trip to San Francisco. It was the best trip I've ever been on in my entire life. I got to see the Bttsb store which was HUGE for me. I had never seen a jsk or for that matter a brand jsk. Before that point I had 1 skirt to coordinate with and a bonnet for which I was saving to get a coordinating jsk. I literally almost cried I was hysterical when I walked in there, thank god the couch was there in the middle so I could sit down for a second. the store was so beautiful and so amazing. And so was San Fran (Even if I came ill prepared for the weather. A high of 63 in summer?? Really?).
I saw so many pretty places, and I got to do so much fun stuff. And I find myself wanting to go back. Things that seem like one time only's are things I want to repeat. I want to go back the Pier 31, I want to go shopping in Union Square, I want to go back to japan town so badly it hurts. And I think my subconcious knows it.
I have had 6 dreams about the san francisco Bttsb store in the last half year. Being there, directing people there, all kinds of stuff! And 6 dreams doesn't sound like a whole lot, but given I remember only one or two dreams a MONTH- It's kind of big for me.
In one dream I had I remember going in to the store and it being filled with jeans and really bland kind of boring clothes. I was trying so hard to keep a pokerface about it while I searched desperately for lolita in the racks. And in another I was telling another lolita about the store and the japanese mall across the way from it. And I was telling her all the wonderful things there. All the things I did and didn't do.
I really would kill to go back, like so much. There are so many things I wish I could do now! Go to the AP store, go back to the places I went before now that I look so much better! >u> God, they said San Fransisco was addictive, but I had no idea it was this bad! It's such an expensive trip, though. ;n; I guess my dreams are just dreams for now. I'll be back one day Baby!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How about some random facts about me?

So, I got tagged by my dear friend Mana to do this little information-y type post. It's a silly little thing, but I was tagged and I would hate to disappoint. XP So here we are, a question tag post.

Question 1: Do you have any pets? 
I have 3 beagles at my dad’s house that are kind of a group ownership by my dad, my sister, and I. And I have a cat at my mom’s house named house named Apollo, and he’s mine. :3

Question 2: Name three things that are physically close to you: 
My cup of tea, A stack of drawings, and my sister.

Question 3: What's the weather like right now ? 
Right now? Ok, I guess. XD It’s not like it’s going to be ~beautiful magical awesome~ outside just by nature of Florida, but it’s nice.

Questions 4: Do you drive ? If so, have you crashed? 
I do drive, but I have never crashed, thank goodness.

Question 5: What time did you wake up this morning ?
I was supposed to wake up at 6:30, but I actually got up at 6:45. I’M SUCH A REBEL

Question 6: When was the last time you showered ? 
Last night…Weird question.

Question 7: What was the last movie that you saw ? 
Tarzan, for my Disney time line.

Question 8: What does you last text message say?
“Goodnight” Lol.

Question 9: What is your ring tone ? 
Harp Music

Question 10: Have you ever been to a different country? 
No, that would be really fun though as long as I was able to communicate. (Reason #5 that I don’t really want to leave the country that bad)

Question 11: Do you like sushi?
No, not now, not ever. .___.

Question 12: Where do you buy your groceries?
I get a lot from the normal grocery store around here, Publix, but I also do a lot of shopping at the organic food store Earth Fare

Question 13: Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster? 
Nope, I have one gift, and that is the ability to sleep anytime, anywhere.

Question 14: How many siblings do you have ? 
1, my sister—Savannah

Question 15: Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? 
Desktop.  >:C I hate this old computer, it’s derpy all the time.

Question 16: How old will you be turning on your next birthday? 
<-< >-> 16

Question 17: Do you wear contacts or glasses ? 
Neither! Good eyesight. :>

Question 18: Do you colour your hair ? 
Not a once, I got highlights in like….6th grade.

Question 19: Tell me something you are planing to do today:
I’m having a friend over and we are going to go adventuring in the woods by my house.

Question 20: When was the last time you cried? 
Oh goodness….2, 3 weeks ago? It’s been a bit longer than usual.

Question 21: What is your perfect pizza topping?
Nothing, I am a horrifyingly picky eater. I only eat plain.

Question 22: Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger ? 

Question 23: Have you ever had an all-nighter ? 
Nope! I do not do well without sleep.

Question 24: What is your eye colour ?
Blue. Very, very blue.

And here are some pictures from the past while:


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When the sun don't shine

(Source unknown)
Bad days are just a thing that happen, but that doesn't make them any less pleasant. It can be a listless miserable feeling or a bought of self hate- but no matter what it is, you CAN'T let it ruin you. go on the attack and try and feel better!
You you feel sad/depressed/listless/in a bad way
  • Watch a good movie that will most likely make you cry. It's hard to get over a bad feeling when you don't release them. I would suggest a chick flick that isn't romantic comedy. The notebook is good. Princess and the Frog is a fantastic Disney movie that will pull a couple tears too.
  • Listen to some good music. No mopey music either!! No wallowing allowed! It'll just make you feel worse. Find something moderately happy. Really happy music will make you feel worse, but something that isn't negative will improve things.
  • Take out a little bit of anger. A few options include: Go to a shooting range if you have any experience, take a baseball bat and bash in a few trees, play a violent, easy video game.
  • Be productive. Don't just sit there! Get up, do something! If you just sit around not doing anything you're left to meditate on your sadness and that's never helpful! Get up!
  • If you can't seem to get past it, go to sleep. Sometimes you just are up too late, or are stuck in a rut. Have a day reset and get some rest. things'll be better next morning.
  • Do something you really enjoy. Doesn't matter if it's crocheting or blowing up boxes! As long as you're enjoying yourself.
  • Talk to a friend. Vent, get out all your frustrations, all your worries. It's amazing how much better you'll feel.
  • Or, if no friend is available, write an open letter to what's bothering you or just start writing what's bothering you in general. Catharsis is inevitable.
Going on the offensive. Don't wait for a bad day to hit before you start making preparations.
  • Make a list of everything you love. All the things that make you smile from the simplistic to the complex. When that day where nothing is worth it hits, read the list and feel a little better.
  • Get rid of toxic persons in your life. If someone consistently makes you feel bad get rid of them! No friendship is worth that! It's just not worth it. You'll feel much better.

If you're feeling like you're out of confidence check out my best friend Mana's article! Confidence boost this way!