Friday, February 22, 2013

Am I an Economist or a Lolita? {Lolita 52 Challenge}

Good day (And I mean it is a good day), and another prompt. Today's prompt is "my wardrobe turnover" which is...uh, I'm not quite sure? I think its supposed to mean how many clothes do I go through? Like the exchange of new clothes and old clothes. The throwing out and taking in? Sounds kind of like I'm talking tax returns and net sales income. Haha. BUT! It's a prompt so I'll guess what it is and roll with it.
The fact is I am 16. I'm 16 and I don't have a job. I get 25 dollars every other weekend as my allowance and money from presents for like Christmas and my birthday, etc. So all of my dresses have been saved for for a good long while in order to buy. Some only took a few months, others took a full year or more. With that in mind, I don't have much of ANY wardrobe turnover.
 I've been reduced by three items my entire duration. One was a gift I passed down to my friend who was getting into lolita- my first item to her first. The second was my first brand dress and I ended up....finishing with it (?) because I wore it into the ground. It was faded and yellowing and had quite a few stains on it and it was just done. The last was a skirt which was just too small for me and I tried to wear but couldn't do it comfortably, so I sold it to my friend. In conclusion, I have minimal if any turn over. Seriously. All my items are purchased because I LOVE them. Full on adore, choose them and think about it for months while I save up for them.
I also only take in like one or two dresses a year. Three if its like a blow away year. At the moment I own two skirts, and around 8 dresses. In five years of being in lolita. That breaks down to like two items a year. Of course I get other items too. Accessories, socks, bows, fabric, all that jazz. But big items? Two a year. 183 days and one item. 
I'm not complaining too much though. I love every piece in my wardrobe dearly.
That being said- I'm always looking to increase my quarterly intake. Winkwinknudgenudge.
Till next prompt guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Heart, Your Head, and Your Hat {Lolita 52 Challenge}

Hello lovelies! Today's prompt is "Favorite Thing to Put on My Head" and that is a damn good question! Do I say bows, like most lolitas? Do I say cake, because, come on, cake! Or do I say flowers?
Two Guesses?
How about none of these!
I'll be the first to tell you, I am a hat kind of girl. There's something so potent about wearing a really on your head hat. Hats can have historical significance. They can change the entire feel or aesthetic of an outfit. Just a switch from a top hat to a wide brim hat (A la Carmen Sandiego) can turn you from the mad hatter to Irene Adler!
Personally, I derive a lot of inspiration from historical fashion and hats are a great great way of really feeling that inspiration. I recently got a psuedo Bergere hat as a gift. I had been pining away for a while and someone was kind enough to get it for me, which was so sweet. I *LOVE* this hat. Aside from being springy and unusual, it also was very popular among the french aristocracy when they would visit the countryside. If you couldn't tell from my other posts, I am a rococo nut. I really love the aesthetics of it, so this was too perfect.
(My lovely hat)
I currently own two berets, the bergere hat, a british riding hat, a boater hat, a BTSSB bonnet, a mini tricorn, and a few others I honestly cant remember! I dont wear them nearly as much as I'd like to because mostly I got to school and they're pretty anti hat, plus bows are more versatile, but when I do it really just brings the outfit to a new level.
Well, that's about all I can ramble about hats for now, so until next prompt; Bye!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A day in the life {Lolita 52 Challenge}

Well, today's prompt is "What my own Lolita lifestyle is like" and I'll be honest with you; I had a hell of a time quantifying it. Lolita and the lolita lifestyle is such an integral part of who I am and what I do its not active decision making. Its just my tastes and my attentions. So with that in mind.....
(Unknown source)
My lolita lifestyle is striving to live in fairytale palace, a Versailles skyscraper, and a royal dinner party. My lifestyle is having a heart of diamonds and pearls, and having expensive taste and no regrets. My lifestyle is waking up in the morning and reaching for my petticoat without even thinking. It's being able to rattle of my outfits from the past 4 meetups and not being able to remember what I ate for dinner. It's walking down the street and feeling confident enough to look every person that passes in the eyes and smile at them. My lolita lifestyle is believing in my own personal aesthetics and appreciate my preferences. It's not buying into what I'm supposed to like and instead buying into what feels right to me.
I wear fake beauty marks because I feel like it. I own more tea cups than an old lady. I can identify the time period something takes place in by the fashion in it. I've walked into a Baby the Stars Shine Bright store before and almost cried. I've watched Kamikaze Girls over 7 times. And for that matter, I've written analysis' of Momoko's quotes and their philosophical impact before.
When it rains, I don't think "I should have worn pants today." I think "I really need to invest in a good lolita rain coat." Which is then quickly followed with remembering that one I saw on Baby's website last fall. Heading to school 3 out of 5 mornings at least dressed in lolita without a second thought. Getting a car and bringing a spool of ribbon to decorate it.
That's my lolita lifestyle, everyday. Its a LIFESTYLE. It's every day I am awake since I've gotten into the fashion. Because its me. Lolita is a punk, lolita is a lady, lolita is a rebel, lolita is angry, and happy, and excited, and outgoing, and lolita is how I feel.