Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prepping for Frill

Hello Hello!
I've been behind again guys. Boooooo. ;-; There's just so much to get ready for before Frill rolls around! "What is Frill?" some of you may ask. Well, Frill is the first American all Lolita convention. This past year was the first year and I was very eager to attend, reporting with absurd amounts of pictures, on the events and attendants. Suffice to say it was a really great experience and this year it's bigger and better!
They've upgraded from a community hall to an actual hotel, with multiple panels rooms going during the day, a few Japanese brands visiting and actually putting on a fashion show (Which yours truly has been chosen to be part of as a model, by the way) and bigger and better events all around.
I've been planning my attendance for the convention since Christmas when I purchased my VIP pack along with my sister, who is also attending. (It's June 1-2, in case you wanted to know) A few months later and my dear friend Kendall, whom has appeared in multiple posts of mine, decided to join, and a glorious outfit plan was hatched.
There are three times to plan for:
Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday.
For Saturday, Kendall and I conspired to do coordinating outfits! (Which we also ended up doing on sunday too. Woops)
Cinnamoroll and his friend Mocha!
Cinnamoroll and Mocha are two not as well known characters from Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty, My Melody and others. Cinnamoroll had a TV show for a while apparently, though I never saw it and that's where all of his friends came from: Mocha, Chiffon, Milk, Cappuccino and others.
Taking into consideration how well adapted and recognizable the characters could be if done as a lolita outfit that isn't overtly costume, we picked Mocha.
You can see Cinnamoroll and Mocha here, mocha being the brown one with flowers.
I took my outfit that was based off Cinnamoroll, as you may recall:

Which I sketched out for posterity and to keep track of it in conjunction to Kendall's Mocha coord. From there sketched out Kendall's outfit design, which I often do for planned coordinates to get the full visual of how everything will looks. I wasn't trying to get perfect anatomy so some of the arms a might bit wonky. :x

We've done most all of our crafting over this month, from making Mocha's flower hair pieces to dying the lace for the wristcuffs. We even ripped out a few layers of a petticoat to make it suitable for lolita for her! Kendall will be wearing my brown baby scalloped jsk and a brown blouse she thrifted her self, among other things.

For Sunday we both ended up planning on doing more natural mori-girl/dolly-kei outfits. Mine leaning more dolly and hers more mori. No pictures for that one because I haven't managed to ink them, but I'll be wearing my Lady Rose jsk with a flower headband, and I had hoped a peignoir like this one but that's looking like a quickly fading dream unfortunately. But maybe I'll figure something out, fingers crossed!

Kendall will be wearing a white skirt and brown blouse with a flower garland of mine. Her look is really going to be pulled off by her amazing hair and makeup. Her hair is that of a god's and I am infinitely jealous of it. She also has super pale skin that looks really good with dolly blush, which I can't really pull of because it just makes me look sick since it blends in with my normal skin tone really naturally. Forever broken hearted.
We'll start packing this weekend and I am so excited. I've taken all my items to get dry cleaned and I'll be picking them up this week. I need to finish washing the items I have to hand wash and I'll be all together!

And don't worry, you'll all be getting gratuitous pictures of the convention. You won't get away from it, I've been too psyched for too long! I'll even try writing about my experience as a model if I can. It will certainly be an experience, but one I look forward to eagerly.
Till next time,

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