Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frill: A lolita convention report

This is waaaaay late guys, sorry. I've been meaning to post but I just have awful procrastination issues. I blame tumblr. BUT, either way, I finally have all the pictures for your enjoyment. :3
Here we go~

 This was Robin, she was staying at the same hotel as my sister and I with all the other alabama lolita and we got to be good friends at the con. She was SO nice.

 Panel room between panels
Tea dueling was such fun.

 Night Programming!
My outfit for the night was mori girl deer lolita
 The winners of the kodona and brolita contest

 One of the adorable dresses from the fashion show!

 The winners of the raffle

 Miss chubi, she's the designer and owner of elegy which made my jabot for saturday. :3


 Some of the treats from the sunday Tea which was lovely.

 These girls stayed at our hotel as well and they were very nice. :3

 Florida lolita!

 Closing speeches

Until next year!

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