Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lolita blog carnival: What to get a girl who hates the mall or DIY gift ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the onslaught of secret santas, office parties, family get togethers, and hallmarkian harassment is upon us. Its all fine and dandy to buy a tie for joe at the office but when it comes to lolitas of the amicable persuasion things get a might bit more complicated.
What do you buy for the girl who hates the mall?
Or, in slightly less dramatic terms-- What do you buy for a lolita when socks are 50 bucks?
First you should consider what is effective and useful to this person. Does she never have enough room in her purse? Is she sock deficient? Does she like styling her hair? Consider what is significant to your giftee.
Once you've figure that out (Or figured out that there isn't really anything) you have one of two options: Go out and buy something, or make it. This blog post is concerned with making. Let's get started-
For the Sweety-
~Try a Rococo inspired choker
~Maybe she's a floral kind of person?
~Don't want to over do it?
~Angelic pretty fan?
~The fur fan

 For the Gothic Vampire Aristocrat-
~Ball joint knee tights
~How about a rosary?
~Bat's on the head

 The Classic Queen-
~Flowers in her hair
~A teacup with effort

For any style:
~Spice up shoes
~For the Lifestyler
~Something for the purse toter
~Got a tea fanatic?
~For the bow hoarder

Happy creating~

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