Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration Central: Gala Darling

In my recent post Urbanite Antoinette (which is my new favorite article, by the way) I mentioned I got the inspiration for the post from  Gala Darling: The pop, primary international playgirl. I found the blog about 5 months ago via my dear friend Mana Starre, the best pinup hime I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and the blog has rapidly usurped Parfait Doll as my favorite blog.
 The lovely lady herself
Gala Darling, the blog, is a mix of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and inspiration. Gala, the founder of the blog and the radical self love movement, started the blog strictly on fashion but has expanded to quite a few other topics now. Everything from self fulfillment to makeup and back.

My favorite posts are the link carousels which always have the most interesting information on them. You really get a lot of different things to think about or new perspectives to consider. The life articles are also really wonderful. When she addresses real life problem or experiences it helps guide a way of living that isn't directly feeding into the basic model. The life articles are usually hinging somewhere between personal discovery and awareness.

I really love the blog and Gala herself as a source of motivation and inspiration. It helps me find a direction for my blog and offers advice to help me in my personal discovery. The blog and author are both incredibly successful and really very inspiring. Her fantastic articles and success are both great motivators in themselves to improve.

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