Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 pumpkin painting meetup!

Hello everyone! How were your Halloweens? I didn't go anywhere, I just stayed home and watched a bunch of movies, but that wasn't bad at all. I did dress up though! I went to school in my costume. (I was a sugar skull/dia de los muertos skeleton.)
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, mostly in part to it's historical significance and also because jeez, spooky skeletons and candy? What more could a girl ask for? So, I get excited and want to do as much for Halloween as I can! Last year I organized a pumpkin painting meetup for my local lolita group and this year, following the tradition set up the Second Annual Tallahassee Lolita Pumpkin Painting Meetup! It was lots of fun, and since our lolita group has grown, we actually had a decent group this year! Last year we only had 4 people, including myself, come. But this year, we had 6 people come. We're getting there!
It was super fun. We held it at a park, but a cold front blew through so we were all cold. ;-;
It was a simple set up but it was nice. There was apple cider and rolls and sweets. Everyone got a pumpkin to paint too.
Everyone did a really good job on their pumpkins too! We had two extras so my sister and I gave them away to the best pumpkin makers. Haha. I made a yandere pumpkin with the words "I hope sempai notices me" written on the back of it. Mine is on the top right. My sister was the furthest to the right on the bottom and hers was GORGEOUS so I let her pick the winners.
Hayley and I reenacted our pumpkins. I HOPE HAYLEY SEMPAI WILL NOTICE ME.

Group shot! Angel (Who prefers to not have her face shown on the Internet), Hayley, Myself, Mickie, Savannah (my sister), and Kendall. We all tried to dress in lolita versions of costumes or just in general spooky since it was a Halloween meet. Angel was a demon, Hayley was a 1950's malt shop girl, I was a witch (in case you couldn't tell), Mickie was creepy-cute, Savannah was a skeleton, and Kendall was a demon too!
I coordinated my outfit as well as Savannah's and Kendall's all from clothes in my closet.
~I was wearing:
Skirt: Candy Violet
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Secret Shop
And all the rest was offbrand!
~Savannah wore:
Blouse: Anna House
Skirt: Chiaki Ayumi
All the rest was offbrand or indie that I can't remember. :<
~Kendall wore
Dress: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Alice Temperly (Old Target line)
Everything else was offbrand.

After we all finished with our pumpkins we were so cold we decided to move to a cafe nearby for the remainder and drink tea and coffee.
We sat around and talked for a good one and a half hours about things. It was super fun.
Hayley is just the most photogenic cutie. I am so jealous.
That was part of my Halloween, I hope you all had great ones too! Till next time!

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  1. seems like you and your friends had a fun time at the meetup , all of your pumpkins look really creative and fun and so do all of your outfits . Angel's demon wings are really cool looking too.