Friday, March 23, 2012

My Chiffon Love

 (I love the muted pink of this jsk)
Spring is pretty much here, and summer is fast approaching and I have been falling in love with a new fabric- Chiffon. Oh my goodness this fabric has ripped its way into my heart like a new pair of heels into a drag queens. So perfectly lightweight and it really gives off a kind of fairy fluttery look. I've been really enjoying a kind of midsummer's night dream, flower-y, floaty kind of look recently and this fits smack in the middle of that ideal. The dresses are usually super cute but I really am in love with the blouses made with this fabric.


I think it may have started back last summer when that Baby fashion show was circulating. I saw that one pink blouse with the princess sleeves and instantly fell in love with it. In fact, I think I was in love with almost all those looks! But that blouse especially got to me. If it wasn't so darn expensive I might have it by now! But alas, I don't. And I don't think I'll have the money for a good long time, given I have my sights set on a certain Jsk at the moment. But who is to say about the future? I may get enough money by my birthday to have it! Time will tell I guess. >u>

It's also a really good alternative to wearing a normal stuffy blouse if you wear gothic. A long sleeved black blouse will probably be much less hot if the air can circulate through it with a fabric like chiffon. It's really elegant too. The fabric really works with every single style! I'm in love. I actually got a chiffon blouse on a recent trip to my local Forever 21~! I haven't coordinated it yet, but I assure you that it's coming! Pics will come as soon as I have them! :>
That's my spring and summer favorite this year! What stuff are you guys in love with this time around? Anything new or the same old same old?


  1. I really want the dress at the bottom ;-; big bow, polka dots, and ruffles.

    All the chiffon stuff looks so soft too ;o; it's gotta be perfect for southern weather xP

    1. I actual remember seeing it on one of your wishlists once. I thought of you when I put it on here! XD
      Oh man, yes. It's really nice.

  2. I love chiffon, but I often don't wear it because it's too sheer. XP Nice in the heat, though!

    I have a couple of favorites for spring/summer: one is my ever-present love for and white or mint and white, light colors for spring! Lately I've developed a craving to go out this summer in country lolita, gingham and a straw hat, a little basket for a picnic...sounds so fun!

    1. When it's a top I always wear a camisole or tank top under it. That takes care of the revealing aspect of it.

      Ohhhhh, I LOVE stripes. One of my favorite jsk's Glitter trump is small pink and white stripes. :3 I totally know what you mean with the country lolita. I have been having the exact same cravings.