Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A peasant in the mall?

Outfit post time! I wore this casual outfit the other day to the mall with my sister and am suddenly absolutely in love with peasant blouses. Holy cow I want them so much! I also got a new skirt! (Well new for me, second hand for life!) It has some definite sentimental value for me. Candy Violet was the company that introduced me to lolita through it's old advertisements in Shojo Beat Magazine. If they had never advertised in there I may have never become a lolita! And not only that but the skirt I got was the first skirt I ever wanted. Granted, not in the color I wanted but I don't wear black and white anymore! And it's my first candy violet skirt on top of that. I am so deeply in love with it. It's gorgeous in every single way. It's my perfect skirt.
 Outfit rundown:
Shirt- offbrand
Skirt- Candy Violet
Shoes- Offbrand
Bow (Unseen in this picture) Detachable bow from Sweet Rococo Skirt.

Bonus! My sister and I being super dorks.

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